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Under Construction This guide will detail how to mix and match tileset objects, surface textures and sound effects.

Mappers Tileset GuideEdit


<?xml version="1.0"?>


  • <surfaces>
    • <surface> Path to surface textures; prob=% chance of this texture to appear (0.2=20%; sum of all textures in one surface tag must be 1)
      • <texture path="textures/surface3a.bmp" prob="0.5"/>
      • <texture path="textures/surface3b.bmp" prob="0.5"/>
    • </surface>
  • </surfaces>
  • <objects> Different objects. There are 10 object groups:
  1. trees
  2. trees(cannot be harvested)
  3. stone
  4. walkable terrain(like grass)
  5. walkable (like riverside)
  6. up to 10 can be anything, depending on the tileset.(by default unwalkable)
  • <object walkable="false"> Can unit walk throught this object
  • <model path="models/tree1.g3d"/> Path to object model
  • </object>
  • </objects>
  • <ambient-sounds> Sound options; Are specials sounds enabled; path to sound; will it play always or not.
    • <day-sound enabled="true" path="sounds/day.ogg" play-always="false"/>
    • <night-sound enabled="true" path="sounds/night.ogg" play-always="false"/>
    • <rain-sound enabled="true" path="sounds/rain.ogg"/>
    • <snow-sound enabled="false"/>
    • <day-start-sound enabled="true" path="sounds/chicken.wav"/>
    • <night-start-sound enabled="true" path="sounds/wolf.wav"/>
  • </ambient-sounds>
  • <parameters>
    • <water effects="true"> Enable water effect as in game conig (???)
      • <texture path="textures/water_001.tga"/> Path to texture
  • </water>
  • <fog enabled="true" mode="2" density="0.03" color-red="0.6" color-green="1" color-blue="0.4"/> Enable fog (as in main menu); fog density (more=harder to see through it); colours of fog (range 0-1); mode= (???)
  • <sun-light red="1" green="1" blue="1"/> Brightness of day-time colours (more=birhter)
  • <moon-light red="0.6" green="0.6" blue="0.9"/> Brightness of night-time colours, if set to 1 then night will be as light as day (permanent time of day)
  • <day-night value="0.7"/> Day/Night ratio (70% of time will be day, 30% night) (???)
  • <weather sun="0.6" rain="0.4" snow="0"/> Weather ratio (60% of time will be sun, 40% rain, 0% snow)
  • </parameters>



Folder paths and filenames use _'s rather than spaces by convention.

XML files do not use the .xml extension internally


  • data
    • core
      • faction_textures - the four faction colors (single pixel .tga files)
      • menu
        • about_models
        • main_models
        • music
        • sound
        • textures
        • menu.xml
      • misc_textures
      • water_sounds
    • lang - localization files
  • docs
  • maps - map.gbm files
  • Screens - Screenshots
  • techs
  • tileset


<?xml version="1.0"?>

<menu> Main menu configuration

  • <water value="true" height="3"/> Enable water; height of water (more height=flood)
  • <rain value="true"/> Enable rain
  • <fog value="true" density="0.035"/> Enable fog; fog density (more=harder to see through it)
  • <camera> Camera position & rotation for each menu button
    • <start-position x="5" y="10" z="40"/> for start button
    • <root-position x="-9" y="11" z="10"/> for main menu
    • ...
    • <settings-rotation x="0" y="0" z="0"/>
  • </camera>

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