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Tileset rating system Edit

One point per attribute

  • 1. Ground surface texture quality.
  • 2. Water surface texture quality and animation.
  • 3. Object quality - design and textures.
  • 4. Unique objects - new or reused objects.
  • 5. Portability - does the tileset look good on more than one or two maps.

Map rating system Edit

One point per attribute

  • 1. Pathfinding
  • 2. Size - too big or small
  • 3. Object placement
  • 4. Hills and valleys
  • 5.Rivers, lakes and ponds
  • 6. Wide roads
  • 7. Chokepoints
  • 8. Resource placement
  • 9. Resource quantity
  • 10. Meta-data: organic and natural

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