Ylside bunker, Crypt, Caves

  • 1: Keeper's room: bracelet; put object on floor plate and pull both levers to open gate
  • 2: Tomb: Dispel Field scroll, key, torch; key to open exit here again
  • 3: Tomb: grave: Find Trap scroll and Curse scroll
  • 4: Tomb: graves: mana potions, gold, bejeweled long sword, cure poison potion, Lighting scroll, Repel Undead scroll
  • 5: Tomb: graves (some are trapped): key for 6, mana potion, gold, golden cup, emerald, invisibility potion, mummy fight; chest (lockpick): gold, invisibility potions
  • 6: Secret passage tomb: unlock with key from 5, corpse: golden ring, golden key for 10, stone with carved sign, torches, life potion
  • 7: Tomb: lockpick to enter: grave: gold, bracelet, silver ring, chest (lockpick): emerald, ruby, diamond
  • 8: Tomb: open with lever (see map) and use combination from note 1-3-1 from 36: pull left lever, right lever, left lever: necklace
  • 9: Tomb: grave (trapped): gold, golden ring, mana potion
  • 10: Tomb: open with golden key from 6; corpse: mana potion; golden cup
  • 11: Unfinished tomb: stakes, pickaxe, bricks, corpse: stone with carved sign
  • 12: Trapped corridors: put object on plates to disarm traps
  • 13: Portcullis room
  • 14: Pressure pad's room.
  • 15: Entrance of the secret bunker: fight priests and find keys in their bodies
  • 16: Forge: metal, chest (opens with key from 15); Ylside Armor
  • 17: Priest's room: books, candles, chests: candles, life potion; Ring of Protection below pillow, 2 enchant weapon Scrolls
  • 18: Training room and weaponry: bard corpse: gold; two-handed axe, chests (open with key from 15): short sword, two-handed swords, cure poison potion, life potions, wooden shield, two-handed axe, daggers
  • 19: Ylside's room: food, two-handed sword, hammer, mortar & pestle, chest (trapped, open with key from 15): life potions, plated leggings, magical plated armor, plated helmet, chain mail helmet, two-handed axe, metal bars
  • 20: Iserbius's room: open with key from 15, disarm trap after door; diary, put candle on right skull on altar to open secret compartment in bed whch holds key for chest: note, Akbaa meteor
  • 21: Akbaa's puzzle: Place Akbaa Meteors on 5 colums to open door to 22
  • 22: Praying room: Iserbius, Akbaa
  • 23: Food storage: food
  • 24: Twin shop: chest in upper room: gold, Ring of Regeneration, note with secret entrance to snake women below pillow
  • 25: Troll cave 1
  • 26: Troll cave 2: bejeweled longsword
  • 27: Teleport room
  • 28: Troll cave 3: troll fights goblins here: gold, torch, wine, rope
  • 29: Troll cave 4
  • 30: Troll cave 5
  • 31: Earth goblin's clan: leather armor, leather leggings, gold, torch, food
  • 32: Water goblin's clan: leather armor, fishing rod, food, rope, key for chest: gold, gems, silver ring
  • 33: Caves
  • 34: Access to level 5
  • 35: Cave: pick gold from wall
  • 36: Corpse of undead hunter Azrael Darkthorne: food, life potion, stakes, short sword, rope, torch, note: 1-3-1 is the key (for room 8); diary, Fireball scroll

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