Human City of Arx, Palace, Outpost, Tavern

  • 1: Town entrance
  • 2: Entrance to the human city
  • 3: Guard room: on wall: longshield, metal shield, 2 two-handed swords, 2 two-handed axes; chest (open with lockpick): food, wine
  • 4: Jewelry
  • 4bis: Tafiok's room (key is with Tafiok): trapped chest (open with lockpick): gem dealer licenses, gems, gold
  • 5: Maria’s misc goods and bedroom (key is with Maria): in bedroom under vase: love letter from L.
  • 6: Cathedral
  • 7: Bedroom: rope, food, water
  • 7bis: Bedroom: gold, water, necklace, food, Book for Shany Quest
  • 8: Alicia’s bedroom (either open or key is with Alicia): silver ring, golden goblet
  • 8bis: Abandoned house
  • 9: Armoury
  • 9bis: Miguel's room (key is with Miguel): chest: food, dagger, leather armor
  • 10: Bank: chest: gold
  • 11: Bankholder’s office (open with Gary’s key)
  • 12: Enoill’s bedroom
  • 12bis: Old Lady (has key to here): chest: mortar & pestle, food
  • 13: Hall of the castle of Arx
  • 14: Weapon room (key is with Carlo): various armor and weapons
  • 15: Prison
  • 16: Air supply area
  • 17: Kitchen: food
  • 18: Food supply: food, goblin cook book
  • 19: Research lab: destillery, mortar & pestle, book about potion making, Runes: Mega, Yok, Cetrius, Tar, Vista; chest: ingredients
  • 20: Library: many books
  • 21: Observatory: trapped chest (open with lockpick): cursed ring, healing scroll, mana drain scroll, invisibility potion
  • 22: Council meeting room
  • 23: Room: various goods
  • 24: King’s main room
  • 25: Felnor's bedroom, open with key from Felnor
  • 27: Falan Orbiplanax’ bedroom (get key from Felnor): chest (open with key from crypt – level 4, room 34): Rune Folgora, ring of invisibilty, cure poison potion scroll, empty flask
  • 28: Bedroom 2 (open with lockpick): find key to open chest here: wake dead scroll, create field scroll
  • 29: Waradvisor’s bedroom (open with lockpick): fireball scroll, key under pillow on chair opens chest: two-handed sword, set of tools
  • 30: King’s bedroom, open with key from King Lunshire
  • 32: Teleport room
  • 33: Player’s bedroom: food, backpack
  • 34: Guard’s room: plate helmet, dagger, water, torch
  • 35: Caves
  • 36: Access to the crypt
  • 37: Human Entrance of Arx (opens with key from King Lunshire): use telekinesis to get fireball scroll and Ring of Daarka from rock above way to tavern
  • 38: Guard Post: gold, hammer, mortar & pestle, flour
  • 39: Human customs bridge
  • 41: The “Yellow Tulip” Adventurer Inn
  • 42: Goblin customs
  • 43: Gary's appartments (opens with Gary’s key): mortar & pestle, book, bejeweled dagger, Ring of Intuition, longshield, life potion, Ring of Curse, emerald, poison
  • 46: Guard dormitory: food, water, gold under pillow
  • 47: corpse: ring of regenaration
  • 48: Amikar’s Rock
  • 49: Ortiern (gives gemdealer’s license): chest (diary, gold, wine), weapons, armour, 2 chests (lockpick): saber, longsword, 2 shortswords
  • 50: Empty house: Invisibility scroll, water
  • 51: Mad man’s house: pickaxe, torch, rope
  • 52: Broken TP: ring of casting
  • 53: Collapsed passageway
  • 54: Outside church: dispel field scroll, piece of wood

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