Arx Fatalis is a game with many puzzles and even the cheat proves to be a puzzle, not just a simple console command. At the beginning of the game, after you have escaped your cell and have fought the first goblin, you see a table and a chair. In the corner are two bones. Take the left bone and use it 10 times on the chair next to the table and you will get some nice inventory, including a meteor saber and full Ylside’s Armor. You also get some nice invetory tokens, which are being used and/or activated with the right mouse button and have to be used on the chicken icon then to activate its function. So you can switch to different states of gameplay, different character roles and different inventory items!

Secret Words of Power

Many travellers have heard legends about secret runes & words of power used many years ago during the Magi War, before the sun died.
Our beloved Akbaa will give us the power to handle these secret magic spells. Here are the words of power I've heard during my prayers:

  • MAX
  • RAF
  • POM
  • MAR
  • SDSD
  • SAM
  • PLPL
  • KAOM RUNE x20
  • UW
  • SOS

    -Brother Sheer.