Arx Libertatis: Hints & Tips, Side quests

Oliver’s Treasure Hunt

Given by: Oliver’s writing on the wall in tavern (level 1, room 41)


  • 1. Put emerald in chest on level 4, room 8 to find next note
  • 2. Look under stones on level 3, room 42 to find next note
  • 3. Wear Poxsellis’ Helm or cast ‘Reveal’ on level 3, room 4 to read stone note
  • 4. Use shovel in level 6, room 30 to find next note
  • 5. Float to the cart in the lava sea in level 8, room 11 to find next note
  • 6. Use shovel in level 3, room 50 (upstairs on the walkway, where a ladder is hanging down from above; always right click the shovel, there is no hotspot): get key
  • 7. Use key to unlock other chest in level 4, room 8 and get Oliver's Magic Ring
  • Reward: Oliver’s Ring of Heroism & 2000 XP

Rescue Shany

Given by: Maria (level 1, room 5)

Solution: Enter the house opposite of Maria’s shop (level 1, room 7) and find book about meeting at serpent pillar. Next go to level 4, room 10 and hide west of pillar; wait for the priests and follow them up to room 7 and kill them and free Shany.

Reward: 1 life potion, 1 mana potion & 2500 XPs

Kill the earth goblins

Given by: water goblins (level 5, room 24)

Solution: Kill all goblins in level 5, room 31

Reward: A gold amulet & 200 XPs

Kill the water goblins

Given by: earth goblins (level 5, room 31)

Solution: Kill all goblins in level 5, room 24

Reward: The spot of a treasure on level 7, room 28: 1 gold coin & 200 XPs

Save Lord Inut (after patch 1.14 only!)

Given by: find Lord Inut in chicken form in the Crypt (Level 4, room 31)

Solution: When you cast Reveal near the chicken or are wearing the Poxsellis’ helmet, you can see his true shape: he is human, he is the werechicken from the great chicken book (you can find this book in Chinkashh castle library).
Then find a leek, a carrot, a dragon egg and a bottle of water and go the tavern, approach the cauldron behind Tizzy (you'll eventually have to kill her to do that...) and use the leek on the cauldron. You'll hear a "gloo gloo" noise. Do the same with the carrot and the egg.
Now use the bottle of water on the cauldon. The bottle is now renamed to a "strange potion".
Now go back to the chicken and use reveal to turn him to its human shape for ten seconds. While in its human shape use the strange potion on him. Here we are!
A "cocorico" message appear. The guy turns definitively to his human shape and thanks you. If you speak to him two times, he explodes like a chicken and leaves behind one of the two unique weapons...

Reward: Either Inut’s Magic Bow or Inut’s Giant Magic Sword & 20000 XPs