Arx Libertatis: Walkthrough, part 1,2,3

Preface: Numbers in parenthesis refer to the room in the corresponding level in the map section. This is a basic walkthrough, which follows the main story line. For all the side quests or other things to do, see the chapters Side Quests and Misc Actions.

Part 1

Level 2 - The Goblin Prison

You wake up in a cell (1) imprisoned by goblins with no memory of who you are and why you were arrested. Kultar, the prisoner in the cell next to yours (3), tells you, that there must be a way to leave your cell - and actually you can remove a stone from the other gate and bend the steels bars aside, so you can leave your cell. In the next room (1a) you use a bone from the floor as your first weapon and fight the goblin guard.

After you have defeated him, you pull the lever by Kultar’s cell to free him; he tells you to escape through the trapdoor and that he is too injured to follow you; so you destroy the trapdoor and jump down into the unknown darkness (2).

Level 3 - The Spider Caves

You fall down into this area (1) and will find some useful items but also have to fight some rats, spiders and goblins here. In a room with a broken elevator (12), you need to remove all the bricks from the one pressure plate and put one on the other to open a secret room (11); here you will find the key for the supply room (17) and a rope to repair the elevator, which will lift you up.

You then have to fight a goblin guard (49); Kultar has managed to get here as well and helps you fighting the guard (you can give him a weapon so he can do more damage against the Goblin); after you have defeated him, you raid the supply room and take the piece of wood from the dead goblin to repair the lever and open the gate to the level exit.

Level 2 - The Goblin Prison

You enter the goblin prison again (8) and have to explore this area and fight the goblins (if you prefer a more thievish gameplay, overhear the two guards’ discussion in room 14, saying that if they find the dirty plate again, they will kill the other gobling lord; then stealthily get the dirty plate from 5 and put it on the table in 14, so you start of a fight between the two goblin lords).

In one of the cells (6) a goblin named Polsius is imprisoned. When you free him, he promises to help you in return, should you ever need him; he then walks off to the tavern.

In the Guard Post Manager Office (13) you will find an unsigned goblin authorization, a key to leave the goblin kingdom to the Great Cave (14, 15) and a secret compartment with a key for the Armoury (11).

To pass by the goblins in room 12 you need a signed goblin authorization and a gem dealer’s license. Alternately you can bribe the guards with 300 gold pieces here, but money is still short at this time of your adventures.

In the great cave (16) you meet a troll named Greu, who wants a birthday present from you and also tells you he left the trolls, because he doesn’t want to work for the goblins like the other trolls.

Since there is nothing else to do here, you leave the prison through the northern most exit (near room 13).v

Level 1 - The Human Outpost

You arrive in a small passage (42) before you enter a large cave with the Human Outpost. When you come closer, you realize it has been attacked; only a few have survived, among them Ortiern, who lies wounded in a room upstairs (49) and tells you this Human Outpost has been attacked by Ylsides and that you need to tell these news to the king. He also tells you, that the passage to the human city has collapsed and that you need to find another way through the lower areas to it; to be able to pass through the goblins’ area, he provides you a gem dealer’s license.

But you still need a signature below that goblin authorization; in the tavern ‘Yellow Tulip’ (41) you find your goblin friend Polsius, who fakes a signature below the goblin authorization. Upstairs in the tavern, you can gamble at Rinco’s and talk to other guests, including Enoill, a one-eyed man, who will play his role later in the game. On the wall behind him, you find letters carved in the wall about Oliver’s treasure hunt and that you need to put an emerald in his chest to start the hunt.

Below the tavern is a door, which requires a password to enter, but since you do not know it, you decide to leave this area again. On your way back to the Goblin Prison you show the gem dealer’s license to the guard before entering.

Level 2 - The Goblin Prison

The goblins (12) will allow you to enter now, if you show the signed authorization and the gem dealer’s license and you can advance to Level 3:

Level 3 - Troll Mines and Goblin City

You can raid the spider caves here (32 & 33), but are not yet allowed to enter the goblin city (30) or the troll mines (36). So the only option is to leave back to Level 2 through the exit at 35.

Level 2 - The Crystal Caves

You arrive in the Crytal Caves, where you encounter more rats and spiders before you can exit the caves to Level 1 again.

Level 1 - The Human City of Arx

Finally, you have arrived in the human city of Arx (1). The guards suggest you go to the guard room (3) and talk with Carlo, who sends you to King Lunshire in the castle (24).

So you go to the king and tell him of the attack on the outpost and the collapsed passageway (53). King Lunshire assigns you a new quest immediately and sends you to to the Troll King Pog to give him a letter from Lunshire and ask him to free the passageway.

Before you do this, explore the city, where you can trade general goods and magic scrolls or runes (5), weapons & armour (9) and gems & jewelry (4). You then leave through the Crystal Caves to the troll camp.

Level 3 - Troll Mines and Goblin City

When you show the king’s note to the troll, he lets you enter the troll camp. Surprisingly, you find a goblin here as well (36), who tells you, that the trolls are on strike and not delivering any more gems to the goblins.

You explore the mines and find pickaxes all over the mines, which you can use to pick gems or gold from the wall or to smash unstable walls around the dungeons.

Then you hand over King Lunshire’s letter to Troll King Pog (37) and ask for his help. Pog agrees to help you, but first needs you to do him a favor: The trolls’ idol has been stolen, which is why they are on strike. Your task is to find and return the idol.

Alternately, you can steal the key to the troll prison (44) from King Pog or even kill all the trolls and get the key then. With the key, you can free the imprisoned troll, who will then free the passageway for you as a reward.

Deeper in the mines, you meet Greu’s friend Burwaka (46), who tells you, that Greu might want to have a book with pictures from the upper world as a birthday present.

Before leaving the troll camp, you talk to the goblin (36) and tell him of the missing idol; he agrees to allow you to go into the goblin city for further investigations.

In the goblin city, you can go to a few places only, not including the throne room with Goblin King Alotar, who doesn’t want to be disturbed. You notice, that the cook is serving him a lot of cakes. The guard will also not allow you in the treasure chamber (22), of course. But you can examine the king’s private room (21) and find a note saying, that he shouldn’t drink any wine, because his stomach can’t take it and below the bed a note with the numbers 5-5-9-9 on it.

So you decide to use this new information; you go into the kitchen (25) and pour some wine in the cake dough; the cook really makes a cake out of it and delivers it to the king. Shortly afterwards you can see him running from the throne room to his private room for a ‘special relief’. Here you can finally talk to him (you must have talked to the treasure room guard first!) and convince him, that he allows you to look around in the goblin city freely for the idol.

In the throne room, you use the numbers from the note (5-5-9-9) to open the safe and a secret compartment opens, in which a chest holds a note saying that, if the king doesn’t deliver any gems by tomorrow, he’ll be dead, signed by the brotherhood of gemdealers (the lever here opens a secret passage (53) to the treasure room and to the Fridd rune (55)).

Knowing this, you meet Atok (26), who doesn’t keep secret, that he wants to be king instead of Alotar. In his room, you find a key under a pillow.

Now you walk to the previously unaccessible Guard and Supply room right of the entrance (27 & 28) and find some nice armour and, in the chest (which is opened by Atok’s key) the missing troll idol.

Upon leaving the room, Atok comes in and attacks you, because you have thwarted his plans to get rid of Alotar – you fight him and after his defeat unlock the door with the key he has with him. Now it becomes all clear: Atok stole the idol to stop the gem deliveries and have King Alotar killed, so he can become king himself!

When you return the idol to King Pog, the trolls start freeing the passageway at once and end their strike; you decide to go back King Lunshire again to report of your success.

Arx Fatalis: Walkthrough, part 2

Part 2

Level 1 - The Castle

But there is no time to celebrate this, because the King, his alchemist Felnor and snake woman Chinkashh are discussing the recent earthquakes. Suddenly, Carlo comes running in and tells that the astronomer Falan Orbiplanax has been murdered.

You once more agree to help and investigate the murder. The King gives you a private room (33) in the castle (and the key to it) and allows you to walk around in the castle freely now.

You first talk to Chinkashh in the library (20) and learn, that she discovered that black magic was used in the ritual murder of Falan Orbiplanax; also be sure to read the books here, especially the one about the races in Arx, which tells you about dragons; then you go to the research lab (19) and talk to Felnor, the king’s alchemist, who gives you the key to Falan’s room (27) and a note from him. You can also find some runes and some ingredients to make you own potions here.

When you leave Felnor, talk to Chinkashh again and she will give you the book ‘Landscape of the Outside World’ for Greu!

Then you enter Falan’s room and find a safe behind the carpet on the wall. From the note Felnor gave you, you figure the combination is 2-4-8 and inside the safe you find Falan’s diary, which clears up several thing.

A council is held in the meeting room at once (22) in the course of which you learn that a guard named Erzog has been arrested for the murder of Falan and is believed to be the head priest of the secret cult of Akbaa; you also learn, that you were sent by the Noden to save Arx from Akbaa. To do this, you have to find the secret entrance to the temple of Akbaa and destroy a meteor there, by which Akbaa wants to incarnate in Arx.

In the prison (15) you talk to Erzog and find out, that he himself was betrayed by the Akbaa cult; he tells you the password to the temple of Akbaa below the tavern: it is Faat Kaa Pell!

When you enter the hall of the castle (13), you see two snake women talking to King Lunshire about an old debt, which the king is not able to repay - the Krahoz!

Unfortunately, the king doesn’t want to tell us more about it at this time.

Then you leave the castle, and find Chinkashh waiting for you outside it; she teaches you a secret spell to activate the Teleports, so you can travel more easily between the levels.

At the city teleport, you also find out, that Maria, the dealer (5) is missing her daughter Shany – of course you promise to find her. Shany was last seen playing before Jeweller Tafiok’s shop and the nearby houses. You investigate the houses, but are told to go away at one(7bis). The other house (7) is open and inside you find a book about a ritual at the serpent pillar – since Akbaar needs human sacrifices to earn more and more power, you decide to investigte this matter first as time may be running short for Shany.

Level 3 - Troll Mines and Goblin City

The bridge (34) is also passable now and you can go on to level 4. Remember to activate every Teleport with Chinkashh’s spell for a confortable way of travelling!

Level 4 - The Great Underground Sea

You continue to look for the serpent column in this level now, in which you will encounter more rats, some goblins and even a ratman occasionally.

The force field (45) is to be left undispelled for now. Smash the doors to room 8 and find a diary from Lord Inut and his chicken obsession. Here is also the place to start the treasure hunt: Insert an emerald in the left chest to find a new note where to look on (see side quests for more info about the treasure hunt).

And finally in the most south-west room (10) you find a serpent pillar. When you stand just west of it, you suddenly see some Akbaa priests. Follow them secretly to the altar room (7). From the distance you can already hear a child crying for help. Attack the priests in the altar room, but be quick, else Shany will be sacrificed and you have to fight a demon also. After you have killed all the priests and freed Shany, walk her back to her Mom.

Level 1 - The Human City of Arx

Maria is very grateful of course and will grant one item from her stock for free now!

Then you walk to the tavern, to the password protected door and gain access with Erzog’s password.

Level 2 - The Temple of Akbaa

You are now in the temple of Akbaa. In the first room to the right (36), you find a first Akbaa Meteor, which will be important later on. In the central hall (29), there are several Akbaa priests, who will attack you. After you have defeated them, you will find one more Akbaa Meteor, two notes with two of them, one saying ‘the first shuts the second’ and the other revealing the numbers 1-1-3 and a key for the chest in room 31. In room 32, you will find a Scroll ‘Dispel Field’.

In the sleeping compartments in room 33, you will have to fight another priest, who has a golem heart and a note saying the ‘heart is the key to the security system’.

The way to the Meteor Chamber is not yet passable (22), since Iserbius has activated the Security System, but the blind priest (25) thinks we are a friend and tells us some secrets about Akbaa.

There are also two secret passages from the praying room (25): One leads to a golem (34), and another golem heart, the other to a crypt (35), a cupboard and a chest. If you open the latter, a lich appears, who is a tough opponent at this time of the game, so you might want to take him on later. In the chest is another Akbaa Meteor.

Next, you investigate the restricted area (26a), where you cast ‘Dispel Field’, either by spell or the scroll you just found. Here are 3 golems, but the one in the middle has no heart! The room 26b has a pressure plate, which needs a lot of weight on it, so you insert one of the golem hearts in the ‘heartless’ golem and tell him to follow you, which he does, up to room 26b where he stands on the pressure plate. The gate to room 26 is now open and you pull the first of three levers!

Next is room 28, where you either enter the numbers 1-1-3 you found on one of the notes or have to fight another golem when pulling the second lever here.

And then you need to remember the note ‘the first shuts the second’ in the passage 27a. Only if you close the first door, can you open the second, and pull the third lever – to exit 27a, the door to 27 has to be closed again for the other to open.

Now you have deactivated the Security System and can walk over a bridge (22) to the meteor chamber (37).

You just interrupt Suiberis, who is just about to sacrifice a woman to Akbaa as you enter. He summons a demon to keep you busy and flees. The fight with the demon is quite hard, but you finally manage to kill the beast and free the lady, who thanks us before leaving.

And then you want to destroy the meteor…but to no avail.

Before you report back to Felnor, deliver Greu the book with the pictures from the upper world and get a troll amulet in return, which will identify you as a troll friend.

Level 1 - The Castle

As you enter the castle (24), Carlo is about to report of the second attack the Ylsides have done to the Outpost: This time there are no survivors and the Ylsides are obviously with Akbaa and have declared war to the humans; to make things worse, Akbaa’s high priest Iserbius is no other than Suiberis. As you tell of the unsuccesful attempt to destroy the meteor, Felnor says that only with a powerful artefact you can destroy the meteor, else it does even draw your strength from you and makes Akbaa even stronger. This artefact consists of two pieces, the Krahoz and the Zohark and was given to the humans by the Sisters of Edurneum. This Krahoz has to be returned to the Sisters, but Rebels have stolen it years ago, and also have killed the King’s wife and kidnapped his daughter.

So the next task is to find the rebels and the Krahoz.

In the library (20), Chinkashh tells you more about this contract and gives you a book with more information about Krahoz and Zohark, who were gods at a time…

Level 4 - The Great Underground Sea

So you continue exploring here and pass the great underground sea (14). On the far site, you see the woman you rescued in the temple of Akbaa. As you tell her about the search for the rebels and the Krahoz, she tells you to follow her. Suddenly you are knocked out from behind and awake in the rebel camp (19). The lady is no other than the leader of the rebels, and she agrees to give you the Krahoz, if you bring her the Shield of the Elder from the Crypt in return.

You explore the camp a bit more, but are not allowed to enter the restricted area (24) (if you play a thief, you can try to sneak in this area and steal the Krahoz, but it is a very hard task).

The rebel leader has given you a key pass to enter and leave the camp at any time now. Before you go to the Crypt, continue to explore this level and the next for some useful items and runes.

Level 5 - Earth Goblins, Water Goblins and Twin Traders

The trolls here see Greu’s amulet and thus don’t attack you, unlike the goblins, who shouldn’t be a challenge anymore now.

In room 28, you can even help a troll fighting several goblins.

There are traders here also (24), who have some really useful items and runes, but before spending too much money at them, read the next two paragraphes…

You can also find two goblin clans here, the water goblins (32) and the earth goblins (31). Both want you to kill the other and promise you valuable treasures as reward.

If you first kill the water goblins, the earth goblins mark a spot in level 7, where their treasure is buried. If you kill the earth goblins, the reward from the water goblins is a mere golden amulet.

It actually even turns out to be a wise choice to kill both clans because then upon your next entrance to this level, other goblins have attacked the twin traders and if you kill these goblins, you can freely access all the traders’ goods (34).

With these items and runes you should be quite powerful now to take on the crypt.

If not, you can also first get the Zohark from the Sisters of Edurneum.

Level 1 - The Human City of Arx

When you talk to Carlo now, he gives you the key to the Crypt (36). It is a good idea to have some wooden stakes in your backpack along with some healing and mana potions when entering the Crypt.

Level 4 - Crypt Level 1

The first level of the crypt is located on level 4; here you can use the pickaxe to raid the graves. In Falan Orbiplanax grave (34) you find the key to his chest in his room in the castle.

In room 34, the lever opens a secret room, the lever in which raises the floor after room 43. The lever in 43 has to be repaired with a piece of wood. So you will find a chicken (31), who is no other than Lord Inut in chicken form (if you cast reveal you can see his real form).

On with the graves: In other tombs (35 & 37) you will find stones with strange carved symbols on them among other goodies and you find the grave of Achanta, the Vampire. It holds a good sword and a sacrificial implement inside and when you enter the great hall (35), there is a statue of Achanta, holding a bowl, in which you pour some blood or use the sacrificial implement on yourself to do so.

And so you have opened the gates to the surrounding tombs; in tomb 39, there is a key, in the commander’s tomb (42), there is a good armour in the grave. In the tombs 40 & 41 you find wooden stakes, which will become important in lower crypt levels!

You now unlock the tomb of heroes (32) with the key you just found in tomb 39; the sword of the knight statue in the north-eastern corner can be switched to open the gate to the next level.

Level 5 - Crypt Level 2

Here you will encounter a lot of undead, who need a stake through their heart after they have fallen, else they will resurrect. To measure, if they will rise again, you can try to search their bodies; if you can, they’re dead, if not, use a stake on them.

Here, there are also several levers and traps, which can be triggered by putting something on them (ideally not yourself! :) or by simply not walking on them. At point 36, you find the dead body of Azrael Darkthorne, a zombie hunter, holding, among others, a note saying ‘1-3-1 is the key’ and his diary. Use this to pull the levers in tomb 8 (first the left = 1, then the right = 3, then again the left = 1) to unlock the door to tomb 9. Be sure to unlock the secret exit to the dungeon in tomb 6 also.

To get to the next level you need to place something on the three pressure plates around room 13, for example the bricks from tomb 11.

Level 6 - Crypt Level 3

There is nothing in tomb 1 (yet), so you may enter the great hall (2), where a mummy jumps in from the wall and gives you a tough fight. The graves in this hall hold goodies, but also mummies; the grave at the far end can be opened by a lever from room 12 only (see map for a description of the items).

Make your way to room 10 via the upper rooms, where you should note the symbols carved on the floors; they are the same as those 6 stones with carved signs you should have found in the crypt; here you hear the voice of Gladivir, the ghost guarding the Shield of the Elder. To prove worthy to get the shield, you have to solve his riddles:

First riddle: Adjust the 6 turning plates in room 10 to honor the gods. You must remember the floor symbols in rooms 3 through 8; this is the exact order to adjust the symbols, where the symbol has to be visisble in the outer circle opening.

The second riddle is to put the 6 Symbols on the round columns on the outside, corresponding to the inner symbols now.

If this is done correctly, the gate to tomb 11 and 12 opens, where you find the Shield the of the Elder. Be sure to get the rune via the secret passage also.

When you want to leave now, you are attacked by a lich at the exit from the great hall; fight him, take his Mortis rune and examine tomb 1, where a secret room (13) has now opened for more goodies.

Before you explore the rest of the tomb, you decide to bring the shield to the Rebel Leader.

Level 4 - The Rebel Camp

The Rebel Leader is very happy and allows you to take the Krahoz. She also tells you, that this is the shield of King Poxsellis, her grand father; so she is the daughter of King Lunshire and her name is Alia. We learn, that the rebels have not killed her mother, but have saved her, when they found Alia next to her murdered mother’s body.

You are now allowed to take the Krahoz from room 29. Also, use telekinesis to get the magical plate leggins from the upper parts of room 26.

Arx Fatalis: Walkthrough, part 3

Part 3

Now you have to claim the Zohark from the Sisters of Edurneum.

Level 6 - The Sisters of Edurneum Outpost

Ask the guard (34) to let you enter the Sisters’ Outpost and walk to Mother Zalnashh, the leader of the snake women. She will give you the Zohark, but you have to pass the Temple of Illusions first, only then will you be save against all deceptions of Akbaa. She gives you a glowing object, which you can use to enter the Temple of Illusions (15). Before entering, be sure you either have a ‘Reveal’ scroll with you or can cast the spell.

In room 27 you learn, that you have to hit the serpent where the sword and the sceptre meet. From the outside in room 17 you can shoot an arrow at this spot and the chest in 27 is open now, holding a golden serpent.

To open the exit in room 17, you need to cast reveal on the levers to see the one lever that opens the exit.

Next, you have to solve the riddle in room 19. Place a different object in each room to identify them and use the globe to see which lever you have to pull next – it is a bit of running up and down to the globe after each lever. After that is done, another (fake) golden serpent will appear in the back of the room and the gate to 20 is open.

In 22, you have to fight the ghost man and pull the lever on the other side of the mirror – then you can simply walk through the wall to 23.

To pass the teleport, you need to turn around in the middle of the way and walk backwards to 24, where you push a secret button hidden in the upper part of the left wall in this corridor to walk on via the secret passage and avoid the next teleporter. And then you arrive in room 25, where you have to put the real serpent (from room 27) into the bowl and can take the Zohark. The two serpent guardians will now attack you, but they are not really a match for you any more!

On your way back, you notice a dead snake women (41) holding a note about a conspiracy against Zalnashh and to meet them in the crystal caves, which you do at once.

Level 2 - The Crystal Caves

In the Crystal caves (38) you confront the two snake women and kill them to save Zalnashh. And now that you have both the Krahoz and the Zohark, you put them on and walk into the temple of Akbaa.

Level 2 - The Crystal Caves

The temple is overrun by Ylsides now. If you use the back entrance from the goblin prison (13), you can avoid most of them (but also miss a lot of XPs) and destroy the meteor. Be sure to take the resulting Koltk powder with you.

But as you leave the temple, a sequence lets you know, that Akbaa is still not defeated. You walk to the castle immediately to talk to the King Lunshire and Felnor.

Level 1 - The Castle

As you enter Arx or the castle, you find, that the Ylsides have infiltrated Arx and the castle and that King Lunshire is being held prison.

You can either fight through all of the Ylsides or teleport directly into the castle and again have the choice, if you want to fight them or use the secret passage to the prison.

Arriving at the prison, you are being ambushed; it was a trap to catch you, but Kultar saves you and lets you escape through the sewers to the city of Arx; before you enter the sewers, you might want to take the Ylside armour.

Since the Ylsides were out for you only, they draw back from Arx again.

Go back into the castle now and talk to the King and Felnor. The outcome of the talk is, that you now need to forge the ultimate weapon to defeat Iserbius, in whose body Akbaa will incarnate. To learn more about this ultimate weapon, you should get the book ‘The theory of the ultimate weapon’.

Chinkashh tells you, that this book is located in the library at the Sisters of Edurneum Outpost, so you get it from there.

Level 6 - The Sisters of Edurneum Outpost

Ask Syllashh (39) for the book and read it; you now also learn, how you can enchant weapons or armour.

Then talk to Zalnashh, who tells you more about the Koltk weapon and the dragon egg you also need for the incantation. Before you continue your search, it is time for a little rest.

Level 4 - The Rebel Camp

Give the Krahoz to Alia, who is very thankful; note her demon-like face in the upcoming sequence. If you also give her the Zohark, she will even give you the Shield of the Elder in return.

Alternately, you can leave the Krahoz and/or the Zohark with the snake women, but the reward is not half as good as Alia’s. You now decide to explore the rest of the crypt.

Level 6 - Crypt Level 3

Cast ‘Dispel Field’ at point 9 and enter the next level.

Level 7 - Crypt Level 4

Here you have to fight 3 invisible ghosts where you can see the weapon only: One wields a sword, one an axe and one a hammer.

In the tombs to the right (2 and 4), there are levers to open the tombs to the left (1 & 3). Outside room 3 you can hear a woman crying for help, but it turns out to be a trap by a vampyress only. Next is the Labyrinth of the Lost Souls (10), which requires a lot of lever switching (see map for details) to get to the statue room (5). From here, you need to switch the levers in the order the statue is pointing at them until the gate opens (see map for sequence). Before advancing to the final level of the crypt, explore the tombs: In tomb 8, you find a glowing object, which, if inserted in the wall in room 3 of level 6 will open another shortcut from and to the crypt.

In tomb 9, which can be opened with a key from tomb 8, you hear a ghost talking to you; she asks you to find her murderer and report him to the king, so she can finally rest in peace. She describes the murderer as an one-eyed man; you promise to help, of course.

Level 8 - Crypt Level 5

In the tombs 2 – 5 you find a glowing object each, which have to be put on the pillars around the grave (6) to open King Poxsellis grave. Inside you find the Helm of Poxsellis, an artefact, which will reveal anything hidden or revealed.

When you want to leave the crypt now, you have to fight 2 lichs; to actually exit this level, you must tightly follow the arrows on the floor (which you will see with Poxsellis’ helmet equipped only), else the gate in room 1 will not open for you.

Level 7 - The Mushroom Forest

Continue exploring the regular dungeon now. In this level, there are mostly ratmen and a giant worm in the south west corner; you can also find the earth goblins’ treasure here, which turns out to be a single gold coin only (28). Then you are free to enter level 8.

Level 8 - The Dwarven City

The dwarven mines are destroyed and you can’t use magic here. The only way now, is to enter the kitchen (13); as you apporach the west exit here, a large hellhound appears, which cannot be defeated in the common manner. Instead, you need to run to the lava room (24) quickly , jump over the platforms to the exit and make your way to the dwarven corpse (27), which holds a key, a stone of power and dwarf meat.

The way back has collapsed, but the key you just found opens the door at 28, where the beast already awaits you.

Run to the Smelting (15), insert the stone of power in the machine and climb up the ladder. When the beast arrives here, try to throw the dwarf meat exactly under the machine and when the beast walks to the meat, pull the lever to smash it!

After the beast is fainting, go to the office (16) and find a diary, which explains, that the dwarves have digged to deep and have awakened a beast (does that sound familiar to you? J); get the key from the drawer near the lever and pull the latter.

Back in the smelting, pull the lever to open the lava pit. Jump over it and walk up to corridor 14, where the beast appears again. Run back to the smelting, jump over the lava pit and watch the beast falls into the pit for its ultimate demise.

Explore the rest of the mines now, find 2 more keys in bedroom 18, a stone of power and the mold to make a sabre sword.

Pass by the forge and look for mithril in the mines. Finally, in the last room (25), when you climb up the wood you find a large rock of mithril, which is too large to put in your backpack; drag it on the left site of the machine here, insert a stone of power and pull the lever, so it is teleported to the smelting.

Back in the smelting (15), smash it into several smaller mithril rocks and take the mold for the two-handed sword before you go to the forge (23). Use the machine with the one masher and activate it with another stone of power. Insert two rocks of mithril and the Koltk powder and pull the lever to get a mithril bar.

Now go to the other machine, activate it with another stone of power, pick your weapon of choice (sabre or two-handed) and place the corresponding mold below the left masher. Walk the stairs up behind the machine and put the mithril bar in the machine, then pull the lever and you have forged a mithril sword.

With this sword, teleport back to level 2, but be sure to have at least 2 fireball and some levitate scrolls with you, if your casting is not well developed.

Level 2 - The Ice Caves and the Dragon

Go to the large cave (16) and float over to the other site (18). You are about to enter the ice caves. Walk up the stairs on the left side and, when they split up, jump up the right stairs, then shot an arrow at the stalagtite above the stalagmite (44), which falls down and stands exactly on the stalagmite. Now levitate over to the stalagmite and jump to the cave from there (45); from here float to another cave (46), walk to its other exit and float to cave 19. Use fireballs here to melt the ice, both the way to the dragon cave and the frozen corpse.

You arrive in the dragon cave now (20) and can either ‘buy’ a dragon egg from him, if you have read the book in the castle library about Arx’ races and know the number of his dragon scales or simply fight and kill him, which will also give you some dragon bones from his body.

Level 6 - The Sisters of Edurneum Outpost

Back at the Sisters, Zalnashh will enchant the Sword with the Dragon egg, but wants to know the place of the rebels first.

You can either betray the rebels now and have Zalnashh enchant the weapon or do it yourself, either by spell or by scroll and not betray Alia and the rebels, where the latter is the far better way.

You have to use the dragon egg on the Mithrilsword now and cast ‘Enchant Object’ on it; if you can’t cast ‘Echant Object’ yet, you can use a scroll as well (see items list to learn where to get them).

Level 1 - The one-eyed Murderer

You remind yourself of the ghost quest with the one-eyed murderer. Upstairs the tavern, you find Enoill, the one-eyed man, but he doesn’t admit anything. When we buy a beer at Tizzy for him, he drinks it and walks away drunken, so drunken, that he drops his key on the stool.

With this key, you will find a prove of his deeds in the chest in his house (12): There are several letters from Carlo, who ordered him to kill the queen. When you confront Carlo, he admits everything, but explains, that he did it for the kingdom; he found out, the queen is with a secret order and wanted to kill the king; he hands you over a letter from the queen, which explains it to King Lunshire; he is of course sad to learn this news, that his advisor has killed his wife, but there’s nothing you can do for him now.

Level 4 - The King, Alia, the Snakewomen, an old debt and the Queen

You now go to the magically sealed area here (45); before you can enter, Alia walks up and thanks you for everything; she asks you to give her sigil ring to her father and they meet at the great underground sea; suddenly, the snake women appear and claim Alia to be her new queen, because Poxsellis has promised his 4th coming to them; and Alia is the one. All of a sudden, the ghost of Queen Florence, whose murderer you found, talks to the scene, telling them, that Alia is the fifth child, and her twin sister Clarissa is the fourth; she knew of Poxsellis’ oath and gave Clarissa away to the traveller’s guild. Disappointed and angry, the sister leave undone.

Then you now can dispel the field (45) and enter the bunker of the Ylsides, where two Ylsides and a priest attack you (IMPORTANT NOTE: this priest and the Alia cinematic will only happen if the final weapon has been melt with the Dragon Egg AND enchanted with "Enchant Object" Level 8 Minimum); the priest holds a fourth Akbaa Meteor.

Level 5 - The Ylside Bunker

Here you have to fight more Ylsides and priests; again, the priest have useful items with them: One key for the chest in the forge (16), one key for the chests in the training room (18) and the Ylsides Resting room (19) and one key for Iserbius’ room (20). In room 19, you will also find two metal bars to make the key for Gary’s bank (see Side Quest chapter).

In Iserbius office, put a candle on the right skull on the altar and a secret compartment in the bed opens and reveals a key, which opens the chest and you have the fifth Akbaa Meteor.

Place all the five Akbaa meteors on their places in room 21 and the door to the praying room (22) opens.

When you attack Iserbius now, a sequence starts and you learn you are a little too late as Iserbius has already changed into something semi-demonic and after only one hit from your sword Akbaa’s incarnation is already complete; you now need to fight Akbaa and the demons he summons, but finally are able to defeat him.

You have saved Arx, but there is no time to celebrate, as your master from the Noden arrives and thanks you, but has to take you back to the Noden again, as you are to powerful to remain on the world for now…